If you happen to stumble upon this site, I just wanted to inform you that I have moved away from Brussels last year. I will reply to comments and queries (if I see them, which I generally do), but probably will not post here for the time being.

I still keep it open, as some of the info could still be useful.

And have fun cycling in Belgium!


As a follow up to a previous post, the video edit from the Red Bull De Muur event (Edit: the video was removed, for some reason. I replaced it with a well filmed Muur reconnaissance with classics rider Andrea Tafi).

From about 80 participants, in road bikes, cycle-cross bikes and mountain bikes, it came down to 6 finalists who competed against each other at sundown. The winner was Dennis Ebert of the Merida Bassa Biking Team, on a MTB. The guy with the glasses in the video is Nick Nuyens, the winner of the Ronde in 2011 (and I am not going to translate the stuff they say in the video: totally uninteresting, even by sports videos standards).

Saturday, it’s the cyclo, Sunday, it’s the race. Not to be missed!

It is an old advertisement by Peijnenburg, but I found it super funny (via @Inner Ring).


With now two kids at home, lots of stuff at work to do and than less than optimal weather to go out and ride, I have not had much time to work on this blog. But I am going to try again and share info I have collected, like I did last winter.

Hope it helps someone!

Over the past few months my circumstances, my day job, and my expanding family have precluded me from doing anything beyond the indispensable. So this page has been suffering. But I have not given up and I have plenty to write about. I just need to find the time and the energy.

In the meantime, a strange strange interview of the Schleck brothers:

In August 2010, I got myself a road bike. Nothing fancy, a Cannondale CAAD9, to ride with friends around Brussels, where I live.

In the process of choosing and then buying the bike, I searched the web for information. Since I got the bike, I have also found a wealth of information on and off the web on where to ride, how to ride, and so on.

But what I have not found is a roadie-oriented blog on cycling in and around Brussels. The purpose of this blog is not, of course, to rival with “real cycling blogs” or cycling news sites. It’s modestly to provide information to fellow local big noobs and, perhaps, give a flavour of what road cycling feels like here, in Brussels.

Why then blog in english, and not in french or in flemish? Well, first, because I don’t speak flemish and second, because I belong to the “expat bubble” of Brussels and “english” is our latin.

Hope you enjoy this!