Amusing little interview of Ferdy Kübler, the Swiss cycling legend (and oldest living Tour de France winner) in the Tagesanzeiger, the Swiss daily.

When asked whether he would have been able to compete with the PROs of today he replies:

“Don’t insult me. We were much harder and robust than the PROs of today. There are no real moutain stages anymore. We had distances of over 300 kilometers and had to go over at least eight or nine passes – today, everything is much easier”.



I really like that guy. His appeal is probably linked to him being a first class cyclist, as hard as they make them, but also a more experienced guy who has some perspective on cycling and is outspoken. He also has a good sense of humour.

Last year, he shared his thoughts during the Tour de France, writing an article each day in Bicycling, and mentioning the book he was reminded of during the stage (the books were not high litterature, but is that really relevant?). Fun to go through again.

He now also holds a blog: Hardly Serious with Jens Voigt (and recently published an open letter against the UCI radio ban).

But the purpose of this blog post is to signal a very interesting interview he gave to Christopher Jones from Bicycles Network Australia, in five parts (four of them already published). Not to be missed!

    (via Cycling Tips)

    Update: I added the link to the last next installement of the interview, on Doping and the UCI. Enjoy!

    Update2: Added the link to the last installments: Part 6: German and Australian Cycling and Part 7: The Jens Phenomenon and the Future

    The excellent song “Le Cycliste”, by Ghislain Granthil, which uses sequences from the movie Le vélo de Ghislain Lambert, a movie with Benoît Poelvoorde about a modest Belgian bike racer.

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    Riccardo “the Cobra” Riccò, the man with a haematocrit higher than his IQ,  almost died last week from kidney failure, probably after having done a transfusion with poorly conserved blood.

    Mark “Manx Missile” Cavendish’s reaction:

    “I hope he does recover well, but … you know I really hope he becomes somebody’s bitch in prison”.

    “Training is like fighting with a Gorilla. You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when the Gorilla is tired.”

    Greg Henderson (via Velominati)

    “We’ve all heard the statement at work, at family gatherings, among friends, at parties: “He’s a cyclist”. It’s the same sort of explanation that you’d give if you showed up to a Super Bowl party with E.T. You’d introduce him around and then say, “He’s from another planet”.”

    —      Red Kite Prayer: Identity

    All across the world people are having a whinge, having a sulk or having a fucking cry about it. So come on world. Take your skirt off, cancel your manicure, grow a moustache and harden the fuck up!

    (and go out riding in cold and rainy Flanders!)

    “Your jersey must match your shorts, which must match your arm warmers, which must match your socks. But under no circumstances should a replica pro team kit or a national/world champion kit be worn unless you’ve earned it. The only acceptable team kit is your own club kit. Retro wool kits are sometimes acceptable, but even that is iffy.

    “To look cool if you don’t belong to a club or a team, wear a stock Castelli or Assos kit but don’t mix and match. To be Euro-cool, wear the kit of an obscure European amateur team, but only if you have a story about how you spent the winter riding with them in Majorca to go along with it. Please, no century jerseys (I’m going to take some heat on that one), nothing with cartoon characters on it and never, under any circumstances, go jersey-less. Especially if you are wearing bibs.”

    PezCycling News: How to look PRO (via Cycling tips blog)

    Jens Voigt at the Tour Down Under: Shut Up, Legs!