To be honest, I have some trouble with the idea of downhill mountainbiking. But this video is just beautiful. Plus it is in Norway, which is cool ’cause it reminds we of work. Sort of. Anyway, here it is! 

Rapha sponsors fantastic videos, such as the one below. Fantastic, but a little pretentious. I don’t get why they interview the riders, who come across as caricatures of Brooklyn hipsters straight out of a Bike Snob blog post. Does this really “stir the longings of desk-bound he-man riders of means“?

Anyway, these are still inspiring and make one go out and ride!

Rapha Continental – The Movie from RAPHA on Vimeo.

This week-end I will be riding the Tilff-Bastogne-Tilff cyclo. We rented a house in the Ardennes (via Ardennes Etapes, which I can highly recommend) with a couple of friends. C. and I will be doing the cyclo, while the ladies will be enjoying the day with the kids.

The landscapes are really gorgeous and we are sort of lucky with the weather. There are showers and the temperatures are fresh for the season (around 15°C), but the sun is shining and the light is great. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and without rain.

I have not been training as much as I would have liked, so it’s going to be a chllenging and “epic” ride. But since C. has trained less, we should be able to suffer together on this.

“The Rad Rowdies are a Viennese bike gang — drinking and riding is their mission. Here are some of their favorite places in Vienna. Set to Texta’s “Ned Deppat” & produced for the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival.”

Ok, whatever. Fun though.

I am more interested in riding fast and furious than riding chic and trendy. That may have been obvious in my previous post on the new fixie shop. But the purpose of this blog is also to share initiatives I find interesting and creative around cycling in Belgium.

So here it is, a link to a blog I discovered by chance: It is part of the whole cycling chic blogs movement, which seems to have started in Copenhagen (here). If find the concept terribly vain, but the Belgian version is fun to browse through, not pretentious (Belgians are never pretentious) and locally relevant.