The Tour de France has now been on for over a week, but the really hard part starts now. Most (French speaking) fans buy l’Equipe, which has always great coverage. The online version is ok, but not fantastic. Which makes sense, since they want you to buy the paper version.

But the online coverage elsewhere is great, and here are my daily sources of information:

In French, I never miss the article in the daily Libération by Jean-Louis Le Touzet, who always has an alternative take on things. Despite being a total cynic, and sometimes a total idiot, he has interesting things to say. The article of the day is behind a pay-wall, but the ones from previous days are available for free. Le Monde also has interesting articles, but very doping-centric, which is tiresome.

For the live feeds, that is normally country specific. I use the Belgian french-speaking public broadcaster RTBF or just go to my office’s “common room”, to watch the finale on our big-screen TV, together with a multicultural set of cycling fans.

I am quite busy with work related things right now and have less time to post (or to ride for that matter). But vacation is nearing and will give me back some time to post again!

In the meantime, a great parody of the euro PRO style from Robin Moore, who had already given us Performance. Enjoy!